Established in 2012, DCE Inc design and build high performance wiring harnesses and unique electric power steering products for a variety of industries including:

    • Motorsport
    • Autonomous
    • Off Highway
    • Military
    • Marine
    • Automotive

DCE Inc was initially established in the US to provide wiring harnesses for NASCAR Cup. As our harnesses have a long standing reputation for quality and reliability, this same level of engineering expertise has now been extended into other markets including military and marine. 

Our range of Electric Power Steering systems are particularly relevant to Autonomous, EV and Low Volume manufacturers but are also now popular in the hot rod and muscle car markets as they can be fitted retrospectively. Column or rack based systems are available as is custom design, if required.

Our reputation for quality and reliability has been built over the years through a consistent devotion to pursuing excellence in everything we do, an ethos replicated at our UK sister company, DC Electronics (see the link to the UK website at the top of the page).

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