Autonomous EPAS - How it works

Using our custom autonomous firmware you can control any one of our EPAS Motor Gearbox Units (or other compatible OEM steering columns) for multiple autonomous scenarios.

The various systems can be used for fully autonomous applications or applications where a driver may also be present at times.

Control of the steering rate and direction is via the CAN bus and switching from manual to autonomous modes can be carried out when the vehicle is in motion.

For marine applications the EPAS ECU can receive inputs from an autopilot system to take control of the rudder.

If the system is used for both manual and autonomous operation, the MGU is simply fitted between the steering wheel and the steering rack.

The ECU then actuates the motor depending upon the drivers input at the steering wheel, or by remote command depending upon the mode of operation.

For vehicles with no driver or steering wheel, the MGU is connected directly to the steering rack and reacts only to the remote demand via the CAN bus.


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