BCU01 Pneumatic Brake Actuator

This is a dual channel, fully redundant brake control unit designed for use on autonomous vehicles fitted with an air brake system. The BCU can be used in conjunction with the existing brake system or standalone.


  • 2 Independent proportional valves for brake actuation
  • Each proportional valve has its own independent control ECU
  • Shared “Handbrake” output valve (twin ports) with control from either ECU
  • CAN operated (2x CAN Buses on each port)
  • Pressure & Temperature monitoring
  • Integrated data-logging
  • Designed for 12V or 24VDC operation
  • Independent air supply input for each valve
  • Independent power supply for each ECU

Technical Specification

Dimensions L x W x H
160 x 133 x 123 mm
3.7 kg
Operating temperature
0 ... 70°C (block temperature)
System Input pressure
5 ... 10 Bar
Output pressure (each port)
0 ... 10 Bar
Operating voltage
7V ... 30V

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