Contactless Torque Sensor (CTS)

The DCE CTS devices are designed to be fitted in line with the steering column and can be used to transmit steering torque demands to the vehicle datalogger to aid with vehicle set up, or it can be used to directly connect these signals to the Microsteer (for the EPAS15 CTS) or DC Electronics Ultra (for the EPAS16 CTS) power steering ECU, when used as part of an electric power steering system.

The sensor transmits x2 0V to 5V analogue torque signals. The shaft contains an internal torsion bar to create a deflection allowing the sensor to read.

Contactless Torque Sensor (CTS)

Technical Specification

Operating Voltage (VDC)
Torque Rating
-20 to +20Nm
Overload Rating
Sample Rate
100 Samples per second
0.1% at full scale
Analogue Output 1 Torque A
0V to 5V (2.5V at rest rising for clockwise torque input)
Analogue Output 2 Torque B
0V to 5V (2.5V at rest falling for clockwise torque input)
Total Angular Rotation
Infinite (no mechanical stops)
Spline Detail
17mm x 36 (11/16" x 36)
Shaft Material
17 -4PH stainless steel
IP Rating

EPAS15 Contactless Torque Sensor (CTS) Microsteer Connector

EPAS16 Contactless Torque Sensor (CTS) DTM Connector

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