Microsteer MGU with Autonomous Control

Our most compact system, for applications that do not require as much assistance as the Ultra or EPAS500 MGU options. Ideal for use as a steering servo when mated to a hydraulic power steering system.

  • Used on vehicles that still utilize hydraulic power steering and require autonomous & manned control.
  • Ideal for 12V DC, very low steering input load vehicles.
  • MGU is fitted anywhere inline between the steering wheel and rack input pinion.
  • Input shaft allows manual control as well as autonomous control.
  • System can provide up to 37Nm / 26.5 ft.lb of steering column torque
  • CAN Bus control using one of the three following options:
    • Sending a simulated torque sensor signal.
    • Sending a +/- duty cycle demand for direct control of the EPAS motor.
    • Sending heading and gain request for the EPAS motor to steer to.
EPAS200M19-Microsteer Autonomous

The system comprises the following parts:​

Microsteer MGU for EPAS19
Autonomous Ultra ECU
Ultra Wiring Harness
Multi Turn Steering Angle Kit

Optional Extras:

Microsteer Straight Coupler
Microsteer Universal Joint

Technical Specification

Operating Voltage
Nominal 13.8V DC
Maximum current draw
80 Amps
System Weight (MGU & ECU)
4.8kg / 10.58lb
Maximum Torque Output
37NM / 26.5ft.lb
No Load Rotation Speed
860 degrees per second
IP Rating
Operating Temperature
-40 to 85°C / -40 to 185°F
Motor Rated Power
220 Watt
Input/Output Spline Pattern
17mm x 36 / 11/16” x 36

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