DCE Microsteer is a universal system, coming as a complete kit containing everything you need to add electric power steering to your vehicle. It is ideal for classic and kit cars, as well as other similar applications. Simple to install, the system is also adjustable using the unique Tuning Box, allowing you to tune the amount of assistance to suit your exact requirements.

The system kit comprises an MGU, ECU, Tuning Box and Wiring Harness:

Microsteer EPAS Kit

Optional Extras:

Microsteer Speed Sensor
Microsteer Straight Coupler
Microsteer Universal Joint

Technical Specification

Operating Voltage
Nominal 13.8V DC
Maximum current draw
30 Amps
Average current draw - Amps (normal urban use):
Less than 5 Amps
System Weight: MGU & ECU
4.4kg / 9.70lb
Maximum Torque Output
36Nm / 26.5ft.lb
IP Rating
Operating Temperature
-20 to 120°C / -4 to 248°F
Motor Rated Power
220 Watt
Input/Output Spline Pattern
17mm x 36 / 11/16” x 36

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