Ultra EPAS System

The Ultra EPAS System allows the user to fine tune the five adjustable steering maps (selected via rotary position switch or CAN command) to ensure the best feel and compatibility with the vehicle. CAN bus connectivity ensures that all operating parameters can be exported to the vehicle’s data logger. The MGU gives 110Nm/81ft.lb of torque, making this system ideal for professional motorsport or any other application requiring increased levels of assistance.


The system comprises the following parts:​

Ultra Assembly
Ultra ECU
Ultra Wiring Harness

Optional Extras:

Ultra Assembly Straight Coupler
Ultra Assembly Universal Joint
Multi Turn Steering Angle Sensor Kit

Technical Specification

Operating Voltage
Nominal 13.8V DC
Maximum current draw
80 Amps
Average current draw
Circuit dependent
System Weight (EPAS01 & EPAS18)
6.35kg / 13.99lbs
Maximum Torque Output
110Nm / 81ft.lb
No Load Rotation Speed
800 degrees per second
Motor Rated Power
800 Watt
Input/Output Spline Pattern
9/16” x 36

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